Towner CareersTowner Management has operated in Baltimore since 1982.   Towner maintains a staff of approximately 30-35 full-time employees and, while a clear chain of command has been established, the owners are available to each person at almost any time to discuss problems or concerns, whether they be corporate or personal. Each person has a yearly review and is eligible for merit pay increase when appropriate. Towner takes the performance of its properties just as seriously and conducts Monthly Performance Measure Reviews with staff to identify problem areas early and give employees and owners feedback.  Employees are encouraged to seek outside training and certifications to enhance their job performance.Towner Management takes great pride in recognizing the contributions of its employees. In December, the “Team Player of the Year” award is presented at the annual Towner Holiday Party.   Also, Towner provides excellent medical and vacation/leave benefits and a profit-sharing plan which allows all to benefit when the company is successful.Towner understands that the foundation for success in any business is the people who work here and who dedicate hours of hard work to achieve company goals.“Fair treatment, good pay and excellent benefits have resulted in employee retention and, as a result, quality service to our residents.”


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