Management Philosophy

Towner’s approach to property management is grounded in a philosophy that good management starts with good relationships with the communities it serves. Community-based (property) management partnerships are joint ventures between strong community-based housing development organizations, developers, or community associations and experienced, skilled and financed for-profit property management companies. The community-based partner brings community “proximity” and “sensitivity” to the management of the units. This partner has a much better knowledge of problems at the property, knowledge that allows them to know which community residents will make the best tenants, and a close relationship with community neighbors. The experienced for-profit partner provides financial capacity, bookkeeping services, property management software, professional reporting, government agency reporting, and overall project supervision. The result is a better-managed rentalproperty.There are three primary benefits to community-based management partnerships:1. improved management of low/moderate rental properties2. stronger community-based non-profits with meaningful responsibility3. rental properties operated with greater care for the tenants and thecommunity in which they are located.

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